The on-premise channel is diversifying, as shoppers and consumers are looking for more variety as occasions evolve. See below to gain valuable insights and learn more about the key trends and occasions that are driving change in the on-premise channel

Find out more about consumers: what they’re drinking, when they drink it, how they treat themselves, and more. Gain actionable insights on how to attract new drinkers, how to increase consumers’ frequency of drinking occasions and how to encourage trading up to higher-profit, premium beverages.

What’s on tap

A New Strategy for Driving Growth in The Alcohol Beverage Category

Success in the alcohol category doesn’t have to be complicated. Anheuser-Busch’s IGNITE initiative is designed to give restaurant operators recommendations to lead category growth.

Restaurants' Guide for Accelerating Category Growth and Unlocking the Value of Variety in Your Portfolio

It can be easy to get lost while looking at the variety of styles available in today’s beer category, but if properly managed, this diverse beverage assortment can provide a road map to success for restaurant operators.

Attract New Drinkers with Flavor-Forward, Sessionable Trending Beverages

Learn more about Invite In, the first recommendation of Anheuser-Busch’s IGNITE initiative

Encourage New Drinking Occasions to Boost Alcoholic Beverage Success

For restaurant operators, success in alcohol hinges on encouraging additional purchases for more drinking occasions.

Increase Check Size by Encouraging Premium Beverage Orders

Boost alcohol success by encouraging diners to choose higher end, indulgent and premium beers.

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Beer is BIG in
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The more styles a consumer drinks, the more beer they drink overall. Retailers that can lead by style will win with beer
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What's to Drink?

Consumers have an array of choices when they want to order or purchase a drink. From fruit-flavored hard seltzers to rich craft brews to affordable options and more, there’s something for everyone, from light-flavored budget-friendly options to robust, complex, upscale sips. Find out more about the different products available at every price point.

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