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Small Format

The Small Format channel is diversifying, as shoppers and consumers are looking for more variety as occasions evolve. See below to gain valuable insights and learn more about the Small Format shopper, the category fundamentals that are the foundation of a strong category, and the strategy to drive growth

Find out more about consumers: what they’re drinking, when they drink it, how they treat themselves, and more. Gain actionable insights on how to attract new drinkers, how to increase consumers’ frequency of drinking occasions and how to encourage trading up to higher-profit, premium beverages.

What’s on tap

Evolve Meals

Meals are a huge part of people’s lives. And with meals, naturally come drinks, so every meal is an opportunity for the beverage category!

A New Strategy for Driving Growth in The Alcohol Beverage Category

Success in the alcohol category in Small Format stores doesn’t have to be complicated. Anheuser-Busch’s IGNITE initiative is designed to give convenience retailers shelf and cooler recommendations to lead category growth.

Accelerate Category Growth and Unlock the Value of Variety In Your Portfolio

Anheuser-Busch’s IGNITE strategy for driving growth in the beer category has outlined the opportunities for c-store operators to invite new drinkers into the category, expand their consumption into new drinking occasions and encourage them to trade up to more premium varieties.

Optimize The Shelf For New Drinkers With Trending Alcohol Beverages

Learn more about Invite In, the first recommendation of Anheuser-Busch’s IGNITE initiative.

Highlight New Responsible Drinking Occasions to Boost Alcoholic Beverage Success

For convenience store retailers, success in alcohol can be achieved by highlighting additional purchases for more responsible drinking occasions.

Increase Basket Size by Encouraging Premium Beverage Sales

Boost alcohol success by encouraging consumers to pick up higher end, indulgent, premium beer options.

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Beer is BIG in C-Store, and the C-Store beer shopper has clear trip missions
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Is built on leveraging high-growth segments.
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What's to Drink?

Consumers have an array of choices when they want to order or purchase a drink. From fruit-flavored hard seltzers to rich craft brews to affordable options and more, there’s something for everyone, from light-flavored budget-friendly options to robust, complex, upscale sips. Find out more about the different products available at every price point.

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Having the optimal shelf flow is essential in driving category growth.

There are two main objectives:

1. Attract more shoppers to the beer coolers

2. Maximize conversion & drive trade up

Shoppers see 3 distinct segments that should not be broken up:

1. Beyond Beer

2. Craft Beer

3. Light and Classic Lagers

Key insights to consider when building shelf flow:

Segment is the first consideration in a shopper’s decision hierarchy. Shoppers expect to see each segment grouped together in separate locations in the cooler. Mixing products across these segments will confuse shoppers, reducing conversion.

Gold Standard Small Format Shelf Flow

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Lead with Singles as they are the largest trip driver in C-Store. Singles also grab the attention of impulse buyers, drawing more shoppers to the beer coolers.

Placing Beyond Beer at the end of the aisle also acts as an anchor, attracting new drinkers (primarily LDAs and women) to the beer coolers.