Shelf management has a new look

Introducing a space management resource that moves with you. Designed for use on both desktop and mobile, users can access planograms and collaborate with teammates easily, thanks to a site that’s as intuitive as it is sophisticated. Constructing a shoppable format has never been more efficient.

Build it together

No need to call another meeting with your team or your account. Share ideas with your team anywhere, anytime with seamless integration of mobile and website services. Leave comments on planograms, make announcements and create surveys to streamline the collaborative process.

“BrewBox360 eliminated the need for a big round table meeting. Save time and money, and reduce the hassle in implementing a planogram.”

– Wholesaler

The plan is in
your hands

Project management? Check. Account scheduling? Got it. Oversee your account's reset process in real time via one mobile-friendly site. View planograms, review notes, upload data and access files securely. Take your workspace anywhere.

State-of-the-art technology never looked so simple

Get a bird’s-eye view at a glance with up-to-date account dashboards, project standings and assignment trackers. Find the information you need to organize schedules and provide feedback to keep your accounts' resets running like a well-oiled machine.