Introducing a fully customizable PowerBI reporting suite. Revolutionize shelf strategy to optimize category sales with a cutting-edge visualization platform. This mobile-ready system allows for for focused, up-to-date insights anywhere, anytime.

Reporting done your way

No cookie-cutter solutions here. Configured to each one of your accounts, the system shifts to your language and your needs. Hands-off updating guarantees access to the information you need at the touch of a button. Drill into category performance and get the beer trends you need to make savvy decisions in a snap.

Focused data creates relevant insights

Streamlined data gives you in-depth reporting of beer trends at a glance. Get dollar trends by price tier and timeframe and break down total beer performance by style. Compare performance across multiple timeframes and account dimensions, all on one page.

Management made proactive

Track the performance of shelf recommendations in depth. Intuitive graphics map out shelf performance.

The industry moves quickly. Your reporting suite should too.