The Category Fundamentals are the first pillar of the IGNITE strategy

Once you have perfected your Category Fundamentals, you can move on to the three key objectives of IGNITE

Invite NEW 21+ Drinkers into the Category / Target adults of legal drinking age who are new to purchasing alcohol with approachable, easy-to-drink, flavor-forward products.

Expand Frequency By Winning With More Styles In More Occasions / Build programs that activate against the key drinking occasions to increase frequency.

Drive Trade Up Within the Category / Drive trade up by featuring the right brands and highlighting the right attributes to encourage people to treat themselves or purchase higher end products for celebratory moments.

Below you can find out more about how to activate the IGNITE Growth Drivers to capitalize on these three key objectives in the eCommerce channel.

Growth Driver Chart

Savor The Flavor

There are 3 pillars of activating Savor The Flavor

1. Elevate merchandising

Taste profile and flavor are the top drivers of shopper choice in the Beyond Beer segment1. So, help guide shoppers by incorporating taste descriptions and add flavor filters to ease navigation.

21-29 year old consume 1/3 of all beer in social drinking occasions2. So, provide social imagery in the product carousels to activate against a relevant moment for this key demographic.

2. Engage shoppers on flavor discovery

40% of Beyond Beer shoppers decide their purchase while shopping3. You can increase conversion by facilitating exploration across the segment, helping shoppers discover new flavors.

3. Win key moments

Use pre- and post-shop engagement for customer acquisition and to drive conversion during the key selling seasons for Beyond Beer:

• 33% of Beyond Beer sales occur during the Summer4.
• Use e-blasts and targeted promotions to win shoppers during this peak season.

• 16% of Beyond Beer sales occur during the Holidays4.
• Attract new shoppers during this season with Holiday-themed promotions.

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4. IRI, MULC, 2019, Summer = June + July + August, Holidays = November + December. Using prior year data so as not to skew the results with summer COVID data and last year’s holiday data.

Smart Choices

There are 3 pillars of activating Smart Choices

1. Highlight Health & Wellness product attributes

Showcase nutrition stats with iconography on product pages.

Add filters or dedicated pages so that shoppers can easily navigate the category and find the right products with the right attributes that fit their health & wellness goals.

2. Leverage lifestyle imagery on product pages

57% of balanced choices beer buyers consider themselves either active or very active1.

Engage these shoppers by using imagery and content that resonates with their lifestyle.

3. Use targeted offers

Use pre- and post-shop engagement for customer acquisition and to drive conversion.

Engagement tactics should use targeted communication and cross-category offers to attract shoppers and build baskets.

1. Numerator, Balanced choices beer buyers, Total US, L52 w w/e 9-24-2020.

Evolve Meals

There are 2 pillars of activating Evolve Meals

1. Create premium beer and meal pairings

76% of consumers enjoy talking about new or interesting foods, and 31% choose their beverage based on what would pair well with their food1, however they don’t understand how to pair food and beer.

Create pairing recommendations for shoppers in media, and add food and beer pairing imagery to the product pages.

2. Build shoppable recipes that include beer

Shoppable recipes show quick and easy meal ideas that include beer pairings.

These shoppable recipes allow shoppers to add all products to their cart with just one click.

1. The future of Beer, 2019; Consumer ethnography study, AB Insights, 2019.

Reflective Rewards

There are 3 pillars of activating Reflective Rewards

1. Include relax imagery & messaging on product pages

21% of all alcohol and beer is consumed in relax occasions.

Trigger purchases by including relax-themed imagery and content on product pages.

2. Deploy pre- and post-shop offers and notifications

Use digital media to target relax occasions to drive new customer acquisition and loyal customer repurchases with geo-targeted push notifications and offers.

Banner ads can also be used to share exclusive offers.

3. Build relax-themed carousels, offers and bundles

Create a destination for relax through a dedicated page, which can be used to build baskets with relax-themed cross merchandising.

Digital shelves, bundles and offers can be used to curate products for relax occasions to help drive purchase.

1. Kantar Demand Landscape, November 2019

Trade Up: Image Matters & Social Treat

There are 3 pillars of activating Trade Up

1. Activate the Holidays to make the occasion feel special

Celebration is the #1 reason shoppers decide to trade up.

Bring Holiday messaging into digital content, utilizing push notifications & digital outreach to engage shoppers during this key selling season.

Core+, Premium and Super Premium priced beers experience 2x growth during the Holiday season1.

2. Elevate everyday celebrations

49% of 21-29 year olds try to make regular days feel special, and 75% of shoppers are willing to pay more for higher quality products including those with organic & all-natural ingredients or upgraded packaging2.

Activate messaging for the everyday occasion, highlighting messages of quality, ingredients and heritage.

3. Activate purpose-driven platforms

82% of Millennials place a high importance on ethical and socially-responsible brands & products3.

Drive trade up with 21-39 year olds by including brand-specific social responsibility programs on product pages.

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While IGNITE provides a solid framework of recommendations to lead growth in the category, Anheuser-Busch knows it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Contact your local Anheuser-Busch Category Management representative today to learn more about IGNITE, and to build a tailored eCommerce programs that fits your strategy.