Introducing an intelligent add-on to the Blue Yonder Space Planning Plus application. Exclusively at Anheuser-Busch, Shelf IQ automates the most repetitive aspects of the planogram development process for more accurate, higher quality planograms. This allows our expert team to deliver high quality, consistently built planograms that are specific to your guidelines.

We Increase Planogram Accuracy

Utilizing hundreds of configurable actions within Shelf IQ, we organize, standardize, and automate merchandising playlists specific to your business for more accurate planograms.

Our Planograms are High Quality

A powerful validation engine can quickly identify and highlight issues and evaluate changes across hundreds of planograms on the fly, using customizable rules unique to your reset.

Driving Productivity and Insights

Shelf IQ allows us to intelligently and responsibly perform merchandising actions in mass, allowing our teams to invest in providing stronger insights. When combined with our expertise, we are enabled by Shelf IQ to better target the unique preferences of your business through interactive tools to present data clearly and assist in decision making.

Planogram Responsibly.